Elite Back Office Solutions PVT. Ltd has been established and is currently operating www.homestays.net. EBOS has been founded to provide innovative values to people and contribute in making world a much better place to live in. We are currently advertising for homestays hosts from 129 countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and so on, and match them with students and guests who want homestay experiences for travel, language training, and study abroad. Elite Back Office Solutions PVT. Ltd is a corporation founded by experts from various fields.

Company's Vision

www.homestays.net pursues to become the best homestay mediation website on earth. We will strive to help our customers find best hosts and guests, and help such experiences remain as good memories. We will not sacrifice our ethics and truth for profit. And we are willing to share some of our profits for expanding hope and making a better world. www.homestays.net will change the perception on homestay, and become a respected and loved site.

Find Your Best Nest

Gains of Homestays.net

Advertise For Free

You can inform potential guests about room, service, photo etc. for free, which will increase the possibility of actual bookings. www.homestays.net takes just 15% of whole booking amount as deposit, only if the respective booking is confirmed.

Reasonable commission!

www.homestays.net charges 15% of total booking value for confirmed bookings only. This is the minimum commission for the marketing activities that www.homestays.net conducts for you. We believe that this is the most rational way to minimize the burden for the host families.

Let the experts take care of promotion!

Experts of Homestays will promote your website through Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and various other medium, to the guests, throughout the world.

Experience the best Homestay mediation!

Experts from different fields have worked together for 2 years to launch www.homestays.net. You can find guests easily by using Matching Guest tool. Simple and easy user interface also enables you to manage your booking more effectively and efficiently.