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It is a home away from your home. Homestay provides you with best hosts throughout the world, with whom you can share their culture, food, experience of staying in a local place and what not. The hosts provides you with the best shelter and will provide you with basic amenities. It is as good as staying in a PG, where you will seek genuine hosts as your company. Guests who are coming for short time visit like for workshops, sight seeing, business trips, etc can enjoy to their fulliest. Come and spend your valuable time with homestay and recieve all the first-cum-first-serve benefits. is a website through which you can book your home in the city of your visit. "HOMESTAY" is a substitute to your accomodation options, unlike booking a hotel. It provides a better opportunity in terms of accomodation as well as people whom you live with. Not only does it allows you safe booking but also enhances your stay here at homestay. We make sure that your stay is enjoyable and keep our promises and fulfill them too. With homestay it’s a different experience.
It is as simple as clicking. Just click on “Become a host” and complete your registration at once. It will increase your chance of booking the right home at the right place and at the right time. Your booking chances would get doubled after uploading the snaps of the interior and exterior of your home. This way, the guests can confirm their bookings without any delay.
If you are unable to upload photos, try renaming to short names or upload the photo in JPEG format. Still if you are unable to upload it, send a mail consisting of photo and its short description to .
Yes, you can cancel your booking. It is just that you wont be able to receive the 15% deposit back. If you wish to cancel your booking, all you need to do is to send an email to with a brief description about the reason why you are cancelling the booking, so that it helps us to get much better incase of any complaints from hosts end.

We at Homestays act as the bridge between the hosts and the tenants. It is one of the powerful website to get your accomodation at affordable prices without actual visitings.

It allows you to book your home and make sure of your confirmation to the home you are going to live in with security.

You will have to make a 15% non-refundable deposit to the hosts directly. The listed hosts of are the people who own their own residential houses. They are not leased property for short term stay. They are genuine people who will act as your parents, teachers and even best friends at times. Investing in is a good idea.

The guests at all come from unique backgrounds that seek international accommodation. Starting from travelers, we have international students, people on international business trips, workshops and more, all seeking for more than just a trip and a place to stay. They look for places where they will be able to stay with the local population that can offer a genuine local experience. We believe that hospitality begins from us.
No, there is no joining fees on Join for free but make sure that while booking and before moving you will have to pay 15% non-refundable fees to your hosts. It is just a confirmation procedure.
We require our hosts to submit all the necessary documents for verification such as e-mail address, contact number and identification approval documents. We also ask the hosts to submit their criminal records to help us verify them. We make sure that our hosts are verified ones for a good stay of the guests.
To make your booking, you just need to choose your destination with arrival and departure dates on our main page. Based on your search, our search engine will list of homes that satisfies the guest’s choice. The guest will then choose the host profile that matches his choice. After shortlisting the hosts profile, the guests will have to send a private message to their respective hosts to ensure the availability of the house on rent on the dates selected by you. To secure your booking, the guest will have to make 15% deposit of the total amount to Furthermore, the remaining amount would have to be paid after arrival and before moving in.
After you choose your home, it will display you the map with the actual address of the hosts location. The address will be giuven on our page of your booking.
The prices that are listed on the search results are the prices that are determined by the number of people gonna stay in that home. To get the exact price of the home, you just need to input the accurate dates of travel and number of guests first. Next, use the filtering option for additional rtequests. Some hosts might have different prices for weekends and holidays. You can see the accurate pricing details when you click the "Contact host" button.
The hosts that join, come from a wide horizon of different backgrounds. Our hosts may comprise of newly weds, local families, tourists, retired couples, etc. The hosts are more than just a name. They will be your friends, teachers and also parents at times.
To sign-up as a host, you need to follow certain steps. Simply click on “Become a host” on the top right corner of your home screen. Next, you need to fill in all the details. Finally, upload your own profile photo and the interior of the bedroom. And you are done! This will activate your account as a host.
We require all the hosts to submit their details such as e-mail addresses, contact numbers during the sign-up process. Furthermore, we have a verification process that asks the hosts to submit copies of their identification approval documents, and if necessary, ask to submit criminal records to help us verify them. In order to alleviate any worries or concerns from the guests, we do recommend our hosts to become verified hosts by submitting the required documents to us.
In order to grab the attention of the potential guests, it is imperative that you appeal your home and yourself well on your profile page. To draw the attention of potential guests, you need to include pictures and descriptions that are very eye-catching and appealing on your profile page. For example, detailed descriptions of your property such as the size and number of rooms, how to get to your property from the nearest airport, house-rules that guests should be aware of could be included on your profile. The more information that the guest gets from your profile page will help them decide on a host. Also, it is very important that you keep your booking calendar up to date all the time as it will speed up the booking process and avoid clashes between bookings.
First, the guest will ask the host whether they are available on the dates they wish to travel. Also, the guest may ask the host information that is not included in their profile. For example, the distance between the homestay and the central area, and how long it takes from the airport to the homestay. If the host receives the same questions from different guests over and over again, it is recommended the host includes this on their profile.
When a guest makes a booking or sends a message, will send a SMS message to the number that you have put on the website. You can either click the link in the message and directly enter the website, or you can check it through the "messages" section in the website. The messages you send through our message system will be securely sent, and your e-mail or other information will not be revealed. For your personal safety, we advise that you do not include your e-mail address in your response.
On the profile of each host, there is a button that says "Contact Host". Please send a short message including the dates of your travel, and a brief introduction of yourself and press the "Send message" or "Booking request button". The "Send Message" button is the option of inquiring the host to check if they are available for booking and to ask any questions that you may have. The button that says "Booking request" is simply a button that requests for a booking. The message you send is sent securely through our messaging system and your e-mail address will not be revealed to the host.
You cannot ask for private information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers. You may ask any other questions that you may have about the homestay beforehand. To ensure the safety of our guests, we will only reveal the nationality of the guest in the messaging system.
We advise the hosts to respond to the guest's messages as soon as possible. If you need the guest to respond to your message in order to make other arrangements for your trip, please contact us at We will try our best to contact the host as soon as possible and get back to you.
When we activate the host's details on the website, we make sure that we only reveal the given names of the hosts, excluding their family names. Also, we do not publicize the exact address of the host. We only provide a rough location of where the property is located through an online map service. The exact address should only made available to the guest by the host once they have made the 15% deposit.
All the documents that the hosts submit on are all safely saved and protected. All the details that the host has inputted during the sign up process will only be revealed to the host and the guests that have secured a booking with the host. All the encrypted private information will only be revealed to the host and our partners in charge of information security.
Communication is very important for the guest and the host. Once you have secured a booking with the guest, please make sure you contact them prior to their arrival. Briefly get to know each other and share some information such as how to get to your home from the airport, date and time of arrival etc. If the guest has any pets or other guests that are going to travel with them, make sure you ask them for a few pictures of their team as well.
Please make sure you thoroughly read the hosts profile and check if the host can provide things that meet your personal needs. Please contact the host before arriving and introduce yourself and your team. You must state your date of arrival, ask for directions to get to their property before arrival. Also, arrange a payment system that works for you and the host. Upon arrival, please show the hosts a copy of your ID and a printout of the booking confirmation e-mail sent by us to prove that you are the guest. If you have any pets or other guests that will be staying with you, please let the host know this beforehand.
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