We all want to ensure that you have an enjoyable homestay experience while you study at VEC.  If you have a clear understanding of your responsibilities and privileges, it will be easier to maintain a close and friendly relationship with your host family.  Please take a moment to read the suggestions below.

  • Spend time with your hosts and participate in the daily family routine.
  • Adapt to your new lifestyle and join in activities in the homestay.
  • Speak English in the homestay whenever possible.
  • Tell your hosts if you will not be home for meals.
  • Call if you will be home late.
  • Discuss weekend or vacation plans in advance.
  • Ask you hosts before you invite friends to your homestay.  Offer to help with preparations if your friends stay for a meal.
  • When you leave your homestay, take all of your things and leave your room tidy.
  • Do not lose your house key, or loan it to anyone else.
  • You are responsible for the cost of all transportation and long distance telephone calls.  You can purchase a telephone charge card for international calls.
  • Your hosts are not required to provide transport or entertainment.  If they invite you to go out, you should offer to contribute towards the cost of the excursion.
  • You should keep your room neat and clean.  Offer to help with some chores around your homestay.
  • Don't be shy.  It's your home, too, so relax and get comfortable.
  • If you leave your homestay before the end of your term, you must inform your host family at least two weeks before moving.  A form must be completed and signed by your host parents.  You can get this form from the homestay coordinator.
  • Please tell the Homestay Coordinator about any problems with your homestay.  We are here to help you have an fun visit!

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Homestays in Vancouver Canada. Homestay accommodation in Vancouver tends to be friendlier and more economical than in other places like the United Sates and the United Kingdom.

Don't forget to call home if you are going to be late!

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